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'If you are not radically honest with yourself, about the need to heal, and how you truly feel inside, then you will always project your wounds onto your intimate partners, sabotage relationships, create stories in your mind and believe them only to hide the raw truth, that deep within you is a little boy/girl who screams for help, feels abandoned, and wants nothing but a hug, and to hear that it is safe now'

Lorin Krenn


What to expect...

When you choose to work with me, your healing journey can truly begin! 
Whatever the reason that brings us together, we'll use my 10-step programme to work through it together.


The 10 Step Journey to Empowerment

Ok, you may not get the hug like Lorin said over zoom! But what you will get is a safe space, where you can be vulnerable and share, without judgement, and without being invalidated. A space where you can truly be vulnerable to work through what it is that you need to heal whilst being fully supported by me. Some of the typical reasons clients come to me include;

The feeling of being stuck in life not knowing how to navigate this.
Having blocks you can't work through in your personal/work life. 
Not feeling good enough & not feeling worthy.
Wanting to be more confident.
Craving a healthier mindset & habits but inevitably failing and can't breakthrough to get sustainable change. 
Repeating the same negative patterns/outcomes in relationships.
Feeling deeply unhappy and disconnected in their life.
Constantly in a state of depression/anxiety and not able to make any progress. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but you should get the jist... 

Ultimately, this list is a product of our traumas from childhood, manifesting into our adult life, and also the output of the environment in which we live and have around us now, causing us to feel these negative situations, experiences, effects, emotions, outcomes & cycles.

We will often find we project from the root causes of these issues into the behaviour of our current life and will find we get triggered by these past experiences in our current life. Triggers are a great example of showing us what we need to heal and what we need to work on to move forward... 

My 10-step programme will take you to a place of growth and happiness through confronting the root cause to these issues with my trauma informed approach to coaching & your healing journey! 

Fixing these root causes and bringing you back to an aligned & authentic version of yourself, is, in my opinion the best way for you to move forward positively in your life! Empowering you in a way where you don't become dependant on me at the same time! 

We will always start in the first session looking towards what is the place that you want to get to? What is it that you want to achieve? What are the goals you are aspiring for? What is you vision you want to work towards? And why is it that you haven't achieved these things in your life yet? I say yet, as these are the things that we will achieve together! 

From that point onwards, the sessions will become completely organic in what we focus on from session to session, within the framework of my 10-step programme. This is not a rigid framework though as no two people or experiences are the same, everyone's journey is individual!

As you'll see from the picture above, the healing journey & my 10-step programme, is not a linear journey, anyone who's been on the healing journey will also tell you this truth. Where you see the 10-steps connected within the hexagonal container, signifies that on our journey to becoming our aligned, authentic self (step 10), the journey can & will take us back and forth between the other 9 steps on the way to this point, whilst always moving forward and making progress at the same time. This is important to understand on your journey to step 10!

If you want to go on this journey together and see how I can help you become the person you have always wanted to be, in a healthy authentic way then click the link below and let's start with a free 30-minute consultation call to see how we could work together! I look forward to working with you!