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Relationship Coaching

I can only give to you what I have already given to myself

- Yung Pueblo

My passion, and what I would say is my speciality within my coaching skills, is working with people and their relationships, or search for a relationship, to either realign an existing relationship or to show and empower you how to be able to manifest the relationship that you truly crave in the deepest part of your soul. 

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“Only when you are truly loved by someone, can you see your own beauty and depth for the first time. Your yearning to be loved is not just healthy, but a soul craving desire to meet your own depth and your inner light”

Lorin Krenn

Manifest Your Ideal Relationship!

I believe, to attract what we truly want, we have to start making different choices outside of the patterns we have been living by, coupled with an unlearning of our conditioned perception of how relationships should be, and from this fresh stand point, we can take action towards being what we want to attract, AND ATTRACT IT!

For me, I feel our approach to relationships is fundamentally flawed.​

Flawed by the fact that, by seeking our validation from a relationship first before validating ourselves, and not being that which we wish to attract, we will never actually attract the relationship we truly crave in the deepest parts of us. 

That is... to be truly seen (understood), heard & loved on all levels by a fellow human being, whilst truly enjoying all the physical aspects of a relationship to there truest potential, with an ever lasting honeymoon period, within a beautiful flow of connecting with someone truly on this deepest level and in a way that you never have before. This is what we crave, and what we can create & attract! 

This is the journey I want to take you on, to unlearn our current approach to relationships, and relearn a radically different approach, where we can fulfil ourselves on a truly deeper level than we are currently experiencing either within your search for a relationship or within an existing relationship that has become disconnected. 

As with all of my work, I do it on a donation based approach! See below the two offerings I have, for either learning this radically different approach to relationships or using aspects of this to work with existing couples who are feeling disconnected in their current relationship, and want to reharmonise this, whilst building a healthy foundation for the relationship to move forward, grow & evolve into the truly fulfilling potential relationships have for us!

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I work on a donation based service where YOU set the price.

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