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Relationship Coaching

'Oftentimes, we don't fall out of love, but fall back into our old patterns that keep us from loving properly.'

Are you single or a couple? Single man or single women? (or however you like to identify) In all ways, I can help you in terms of your relationships, be it rekindling the love that has been lost in a relationship or helping you to be in the best place to find a healthy loving relationship. 

What I often find is the single biggest issue in our relationships, is communication. 

Communication between the women and the man, or as I like to refer to it, the masculine energy and feminine energy as all of us are made up of these two energies within our being. 

Fundamentally, we don't have a good enough understanding of how to communicate between the masculine and feminine... We often get caught up in wanting to communicate to the other like we would communicate with our own balance of masculine/feminine energy, and sadly, communication between these energies is just not as simple as this.

As well as looking at the communication aspect of relationships, we will also look at the other big factor that we face in our relationships... Old patterns of behaviour, that stem from our past experiences, traumas and childhood. Our relationships have an amazing aspect to them of reflecting these old patterns of behaviour back to us within our relationships, if we are not working on these or have worked on them (often the work is ongoing), we will often find ourselves repeating the experiences of relationships that we go through. Does this sound like a familiar pattern to you? Do the same patterns keep coming up? Have you become or are you frustrated at being faced by these same patterns?

Whatever you don’t heal will continue to repeat itself in your life. It is being sent as a guide for you in order to heal it.

You can only receive love with the same amount you have learnt to truly love yourself with. People can only meet you as far as you have met yourself.

Are you always in relationships with unavailable men/women? Ask yourself why? Was one of your caregivers emotionally unavailable?

Do you find you're always in relationships with women/men that need validation all the time? Ask yourself where is that similar?

Are you always in co-dependent, trauma bonded relationships?

Are you always anxiously needy when they leave the house?

Are you very avoidant when someone gets close and shows you real intimacy? Do you push it away?

These are all very challenging lessons to learn in the mist of a relationship. Maybe the journey you need to look at is the journey within and self-reflecting how these old patterns of behaviour are affecting you? 

In sessions, we will also focus heavily on the communication between the masculine & feminine, old patterns of behaviour not healthy to the relationship and we will look at some elements of the Tantric & Taoist philosophy and how we can improve the harmony and intimacy of our relationships!

We can work within sessions individually or as a couple. In a couple based format, there would most likely be some individual sessions to work on. As always with all of the sessions I offer, they will be completely organic to the client(s) and there is no set framework, as no two people or experiences are the same. 

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