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The Healing Circle

I am also the creator and founder of 'The Healing Circle' 

This page comes to you from a place of my own healing journey! 

I have often found on my own journey that when you go through the process of healing, it can be an incredibly lonely and isolating journey and place to be. 

There are lots of high points and there are some super low points too. 

I only wish that I would have been able to find a community where I could be supported in these moments, having a place where it would be easier to find and connect with like minded people!

Because, inevitably, with the healing journey you are going to become dysregulated, you are going to question whether it's all worth it & you are going to feel like you're world is falling apart, like I have myself.

It is an incredibly tough, unavoidable part of the journey, but also it's a beautiful, amazing part of the journey breaking through all of this into new growth! 

And that's the thing with this group! It's about co-regulation & growth, it's not a place to become co-dependant and wallow in the misery of the tough parts of the journey, it's to be supported, encouraged, uplifted, emboldened to positively take on your healing journey in the healthiest way possible!

One saying I always find to be true is 'You have to breakdown to breakthrough' & this means the bigger the breakdown, the breakthrough will be EVEN bigger! 

So let's embark on this journey together in this community which is & will always remain free! 

It will include many healthy practices and exercises as part of the community coming together so watch this space for that too! 

If you want to be part of the closed Facebook group where all the main action will happen, click the link below & submit a request to join! 

Can't wait to interact with you all there & go on this amazing journey together!