'The mind and the the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness.'

In breathwork sessions together, we'll look at the breath and how we can look to breath better through being more aware. We'll also look at being more efficient with our breath and how this can help us in our everyday life, and can help us mentally when we face situations that challenge our breath to be at it's most optimum through stress, panic, anxiety etc...

The sessions will focus on 'functional breath', and the key elements of this. To breath adequately, quietly, unattached and abdominally, this is what will focus on us making our breath more efficient without the need for overcomplicated breathing techniques.

Sadly, we've all become chronic bad breathers. Breathing too fast, breathing from the chest, breathing from the mouth, and allowing our breathing to affect our sympathetic nervous system when experiencing emotions of fear, panic, stress and anxiety.

What's important, is our everyday breathing, rather than looking at fancy in the moment breathwork techniques. Whilst there is a place for these techniques, and we will look at some, more often than not, they're just placing a plaster over the issue and not getting to the route cause.

Take a minute now, just to sit with the sensations and feeling of your breath. How does your breath feel? For example is it deep or shallow; silky or rough ; quiet or loud ; light or heavy; easy or laboured; deep or shallow; warm or cool?

Imagine, if you will, bad breathing to be like running your car at high revs by keeping your foot on the accelerator whilst you are parked in neutral. All of that fuel burning quickly in the presence of oxygen, pistons and parts spinning round getting hot and red. The engine will wear and burn out far quicker than a car left standing on tick-over. This is what is happening to your body. Oxidative stress is firmly linked to chronic inflammation in the body and inflammation is often cited as being one element at the root of most of our disease.

In terms of breathwork sessions, we can work on the breath specifically, or most likely, we would look at it as part of the holistic approach to your health and well-being, incorporating, the mind, body and soul approach, but this can be completely organic to you as a client, there is no rigid framework in the way I work with clients. 

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