'If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If diet is correct, medicine is of no need.'

Ayurveda is a 5000 year-old system of medicine that takes a much needed holistic approach to life and wellbeing embracing the mind, body, emotions and soul, as well as the environment and the effects of the season.

Ayurveda is often coined as the 'science of life', governed by the laws of nature. 

It embraces the natural flow of life and helps us to get in touch with ourselves! 

Applying the simple techniques of Ayurveda to your every day life can keep your mind, body and soul healthy and vibrant! 

Ayurveda very much focuses on embracing wellness and prevention through diet and harmony with nature. It moves away from the current health paradigm that focuses on illness, and teaches us to notice our 'dis-eases' and imbalances that can potentially manifest into full blown health issues! It moves away from the 'pill for every ill' and is all about that prevention, with all the benefits that nature can offer. 

Ayurveda invites you on a journey of health, and to move away from the westernised approach which is making us more and more unhealthy and leading to astronomical numbers of chronic disease. 

I must add that I am not an Ayurvedic practitioner. I am simply able to guide you through to a basic/intermediate level and incorporate this way of living into your live enabling you to reap the rewards of your health as I have done so for my own health! 

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