About Me

What really motivates me is knowing that I can really help you evolve in your life and break habits, stereotypes and patterns of behaviour to get the transformation to become the best version of yourself that you can be!

I've had my fair share of life experiences. I had a difficult childhood at home, and being bullied at school which led me to have negative habits and patterns of behaviour. I became very subdued and withdrawn, which led to me finding it very hard to relate and have meaningful relationships, whilst having an unhealthy need to be validated later in life. A struggle I'm sure a lot of us could relate too. 

I've experienced deep trauma that led me to years of depression and anxiety. I was in deep and it was dark. I didn’t know who I was, who I even wanted to be, I questioned my worthiness and my whole life (yes I did contemplate that). I was lost in what it was all about. I was controlled by it, for a long time.

I’ve been the young man trying to figure this strange world out, getting caught up in all of the toxic masculinity that is projected onto us. From looking up to my peers to see how a man should be, to be strong, to be tough, to not show my emotions and be totally ego based. I’ve been there trying to navigate a career that I had no passion for because society says you need to have a career to show worth as just one of many broken societal goals, we do it for status, for pride, regardless of the stress and toll it takes on our health. 

I’ve been there trying to be the alpha male, chasing the girls, being the player, hurting people and hurting myself. Never able to get truly close to anyone, the thought alone would trigger me to go into flight mode and escape the situation. Never finding anything sustainable, my one long-term relationship even being scattered with break-ups & getting back together, always my fault from my own insecurities. In the end I realised, that this whole cycle just left me feeling empty, I was confused, it felt sad, it all felt meaningless and not the way it should be.

Over time I sought some help, always the typical quick fixes, I took pills from the doctor, but never did the deeper work that was required, and I was hugely reluctant to get the help I really needed. It was very much a journey that I didn't share with anyone, only very few people know about this journey and even then not the whole picture. I managed to work things out myself but it took a LONG time to go through this process to get to where I am now. I only wish I’d sought more help and support from professionals and people close to me, to learn the things quicker that I did on my own over time and I could have been years ahead in my progress in my own journey. I want to be able to give you that transformation, giving you all the skills & tools to empower you to go on your own unique journey, and find the version of you that is TRULY you, because I know, here lies happiness in a much truer form that you are currently experiencing. 

So here we are now, I'm a completely different person to the old version of myself, just ask the people close to me! I've learnt and healed so much, but I know that the journey of knowing & evolving yourself is ever going equally. I know who I am now, and try to be that person as often as I possibly can! I don’t live by the stereotypes of the typical ‘man’, or that of the society that we currently live in, which in my view is a completely broken & backwards approach to our lives. 

Through everything I’ve learnt personally (I am largely self taught & proud of this) and studied, and through my most important teacher, that of life! I am now on this journey to help and support others through the skills, knowledge & guidance of my life coaching! I am truly passionate about my purpose to serve & helping people and have my own personal visions and desires of how I would like to help society evolve and change and that starts with healing on an individual level to have an impact on healing society. Visit my 'work with me' & 'just giving' pages to read more about this.

This is why I am here to help you, and I operate on a donation based service where YOU set the price. Click the link below and book in for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can start a healing journey together today, and talk about how I can transform your life!